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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Life-or what's left of it.

So today my dear dear friend (Jackizzle) was sitting in math and she starts trying to speed up time by staring really really hard at the clock. Then in 7th Period she starts complaining of a bad headache from straining and speeding up time.

She claims to be autistic.

It was actually not abnormally cold in The Fridge today.
The Fridge = Mah school (said in a redneck accent)
But I think that some chemicals have been spilled in my Chemistry class because I break out in a rash every time I'm in there. Ack. I'm gonna die from a chemical spill.

That's pretty much the only interesting things that happened today.
My back hurts, my life is boring, and I've wasted your time.


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