For those days when you want to feel like a mental patient from the 80's

now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ack. blarg. rawr.

Things i am strangely obsessive about:

*Lists. can i get a woot woot from my fellow OCDs?

*Seinfield. me and my quirky sense of humor.

*Law and Order. Let me tell you. Detectives are a hot people.

*Cheez its. get your own box cuz i'll kill for my box.

*aliens. me and my tin hat are quite prepared for any invasions. also it's really fun to bring aliens up in a conversation and see people recoil at my oddness.

*my sock monkey pajamas. warm, cozy, cute, and jacki has the same exact ones. we used our psychic twin powers to buy the same ones.

*stealthy business. to quote jacki "it's my favorite kind of business"

*(hee hee)boys. certain particular boys that we won't name.

and so i guess my feeble attempt to combat my boredom is over.


a fun quizzy thing

i be strange and awkward.

i love how when i go to the doctors and they're asking all the standard questions, they pause and ask uncomfortably, "Is there any way you could be...*coughs uncomfortably*"

then when i say no they look really relieved and then they start asking other questions really fast in an effort to move on.

i'm very tempted to say, when they ask, " *GASP* I didn't think it was that noticeable. Does it show that much? I'm only 3 months along. I mean, with the other three i didn't start showing until at least 7 months."

then they would look at my chart in a panic and see i'm only 16.

then i could say something like "yeah, me and the hubby decided to start right away so we could be in our prime and have enough energy to keep up with them all."

hee hee. oh those poor unsuspecting nurses and doctors. i think it would brighten their day. add some spice, you know. it must be awful boring asking the same questions every day.

if i were a nurse, i would pray for someone like me to come in and liven things up.


Monday, January 29, 2007

a deep and philosophical journey

my good and attractive qualities because i'm trying to stay positive and it's not working:

*i make an amazing pot of mac & cheese. words can't even describe. i am the macaroni genius. come over. i'll make you a batch.

*i love watching football. i don't know of many girls who actually like watching and understand the sport. um......let's Dizzle. And that's about it.

*i'm not horrendously bad-looking, i don't i? i mean, don't you think someone would tell me, "hey look hun, your face makes babies cry. here's a paper bag. i took the liberty of cutting you eye holes."

*i can wiggle my ears and my eyebrows, wrinkle my tongue, and hang a spoon off my nose. should i be proud of these accomplishments or is that just neurotic?

And now.
Reasons i'm forming an emo club:

*i'm going to be single for Valentines Day. Not cool. It's just a little hard to sit there and watch these chicks sitting there looking cute admist the piles of stuffed animals, flowers, and balloons, while i sit there looking like i just rolled out of bed (probably because i did) and wondering why life sucks.
In fact,

*being single all the time is kinda hard

*my bedroom is like 43 degrees. i don't like being cold. it makes me cranky. It's also a little hard to sleep when your toes are numb and tingly.

*it's hard to be me. i complicate life.
a lot. rawr.

and that has been a long and obnoxios rant by me. i have too much time on my hands.


the way to my heart is lined in fleece

i have decided that the meaning of life is warm fleecy coziness.
pajamas. preferably with a cute print.
when i die, all i ask is that you put my soul at peace and bury me in fleecy cozy goodness.

Is it possible to live in pajama pants or is that not socially acceptable?

*runs off to ponder this deep philosophical thought*