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Monday, January 29, 2007

a deep and philosophical journey

my good and attractive qualities because i'm trying to stay positive and it's not working:

*i make an amazing pot of mac & cheese. words can't even describe. i am the macaroni genius. come over. i'll make you a batch.

*i love watching football. i don't know of many girls who actually like watching and understand the sport. um......let's Dizzle. And that's about it.

*i'm not horrendously bad-looking, i don't i? i mean, don't you think someone would tell me, "hey look hun, your face makes babies cry. here's a paper bag. i took the liberty of cutting you eye holes."

*i can wiggle my ears and my eyebrows, wrinkle my tongue, and hang a spoon off my nose. should i be proud of these accomplishments or is that just neurotic?

And now.
Reasons i'm forming an emo club:

*i'm going to be single for Valentines Day. Not cool. It's just a little hard to sit there and watch these chicks sitting there looking cute admist the piles of stuffed animals, flowers, and balloons, while i sit there looking like i just rolled out of bed (probably because i did) and wondering why life sucks.
In fact,

*being single all the time is kinda hard

*my bedroom is like 43 degrees. i don't like being cold. it makes me cranky. It's also a little hard to sleep when your toes are numb and tingly.

*it's hard to be me. i complicate life.
a lot. rawr.

and that has been a long and obnoxios rant by me. i have too much time on my hands.



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