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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i be strange and awkward.

i love how when i go to the doctors and they're asking all the standard questions, they pause and ask uncomfortably, "Is there any way you could be...*coughs uncomfortably*"

then when i say no they look really relieved and then they start asking other questions really fast in an effort to move on.

i'm very tempted to say, when they ask, " *GASP* I didn't think it was that noticeable. Does it show that much? I'm only 3 months along. I mean, with the other three i didn't start showing until at least 7 months."

then they would look at my chart in a panic and see i'm only 16.

then i could say something like "yeah, me and the hubby decided to start right away so we could be in our prime and have enough energy to keep up with them all."

hee hee. oh those poor unsuspecting nurses and doctors. i think it would brighten their day. add some spice, you know. it must be awful boring asking the same questions every day.

if i were a nurse, i would pray for someone like me to come in and liven things up.


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