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Saturday, February 03, 2007

ack. i'm a survey addict.

No Bathroom Breaks
Alright, let's get to know you. Shall we?
State, region, territory, etc.:virginny
Hair color:dark brown
Eye color:lots and lots of different ones
Shoe size:9 or 9 1/2
Height:5 6 or 7
Can you...?
sing well:yes
dance to a ballet:yes
play piano:yes
sit through a four hour movie without getting crabby:i think this is impossible cuz then you have to go potty but you don't want to miss any of the movie and then you have a dillema. to pee or not to pee.
put mascara on without opening your mouth:yes. but it's easier to just open your mouth. there's no point to keeping it closed.
two-step:no but i can learn
write in cursive really well:no. i have horrible cursive. that's why i print
sleep all day long if given the chance:no. i always wake up and then i get distracted and go do things
Do you know how to...?
use/read tarot cards:no. but i think that would be fun
cook a whole turkey:no
serve the ball overhand in volleyball:well....i've done it before but i don't really kno how. i just guess and pretend
draw a lion:yeah i guess. it won't look too swell
put together a computer:ummm......i've seen my dad do it. and he tried to teach me. but after a little while i curled up in the fetal position whimpering and moaning
First thing that comes to mind when you see the word...
mint:the seinfield episode when cramer is watching a surgery and drops a junior mint into the opened body.
doctor:that creepy paper covered table and needles
vixen:this creepy picture i saw of this lady in a magazine in a purple dress and creepy hair and in big letters it said vixen on it. creepy times let me tell you
rain:a vacation i took in this forest in washington state where when it rained all these slug things came out. it rained the entire time. icky poo poo
heart:poop head boys who have broken mine
thunder:fun thunderstorms and the power going out and playing tag in the dark with flashlights
mall:yummy clothing goodness and aunty annes. i go there every single time i'm at the mall. deeee-liscious
reef:finding nemo
sponge:bob squarepants
plantation:rice and cotton and africans
red:valentine's day
cage:lions at the circus in the cage and that guy gets in the cage with them and i watch really close to see if i'm lucky and they'll eat him this time.
groovy:HECK YES!!!! this is my word. i'm a hippie. my dad is going to buy me a vw van, good times.
song:fully alive by flyleaf
band:flyleaf, firelight, alien ant farm
movie:little miss sunshine or the sixth sense
tv show:seinfield or law & order
reality show:does america's next top model count? cuz i love that show
book:anything by richard brautigan. he wrote while on drugs. it makes for an interesting read.
word to use:groovy, every moment of everyday, and maybe fantabulous
Have you ever seen the movie...?
Reservoir Dogs:no
Pulp Fiction:no
Hostel:uhh.....maybe i don't remember. it seems familiar
House of Wax (original):no
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pt. II:no
The Evil Dead:no
Army of Darkness:no
The Hills Have Eyes (original):uh.....i think i might have
Bride of Frankenstein:no
Young Frankenstein:no
The Haunting (original):no
Little Nicky:no
The Craft:no
concert you went to:newsboys
thought when waking up on a weekday:*groan, moan* why? i think i'll drop out of high school and sleep forever.
thing you do when you wake up on the weekend:roll around, stay in bed and just think
thing you do when you come back home from work/school:eat, eat, eat, sleep, do homework, aim
Have you ever heard the song...?
"Supervixen" by Garbage:no
"Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel:yes
"Nemo" by Nightwish:no
"Heaven's A Lie" by Lacuna Coil:no
"Say Cheese And Die" by Dr. Acula:no
"What's Under My Bed" by the HorrorPops:yes
"Good Man In A Bad Time" by Ian Hunter:no
"Funeral of Hearts" by HIM:yes
"Dance D'Amour" by the 69 Eyes:no
"Whiplash" by Metallica:yes
"Louder Than Hell" by Motley Crue:no
"Eat The Rich" by Motorhead:no
"Secrets" by Hammerfall:no
"Teenage Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper:no
"Die Romance" by Aiden:heck yes
"Crosses" by ASG:no
"Attached At The Hip" by CKY:no
"Resurrection" by Calabrese:no
"Lupen Tooth" by Blitzkid:yes
This or That
this or that:that
gold or silver:silver
mechanical pencil or regular pencil:mechanical
classic heavy metal or nu-metal:nu
motorcycle or mustang:stang
lava lamp or black light:lava
spades or diamonds:diamonds
uggs or converse:converse. uggs are a play toy for dogs that got mixed in accidently one time with shoes and someone really stupid bought and wore and now they're taking over the world
sweet or sour:sour
milk or dark chocolate:milk
exercise and eat right or starve youself:starve myself. it's easier than exercising. but i just realized that sounds neurotic
friday or saturday:friday bcuz everyon is hyped for the weekend and it's gansta friday and it's one big partay
green or red apples:red
horror movies or romantic comedies:depends on who's watching with me and what mood i'm in. i love both
cartoons or reality tv:reality. cartoons get old fast whereas i'll never get bored of watching stupid people do stupid things
reading or watching tv:watching tv
hamburger helper or hamburger steaks:hamburger steaks. hamburger helper smells bad and makes me naseous.
Are you a(n)...
air guitarist:i'm more of just a random dancer. but yes occasionally
myspace addict:no. i'm addicted to this blog
vampirefreaks addict:no
bzoink addict:yes
shop-a-holic:HECK YES
doll collector:no
collector of anything:i'm more of a pack rat but you can call it collecting
Crue head:no
candle freak:no
Do you like...?
Doo-wop music:gosh no
green eggs and ham:yes. my mom makes this for my every st. patricks day
school:absolutely not
learning about history:hate it
decorating the house for christmas:mmmmm......with all the christmas smells and yummy feelings inside. oh yes
taking surveys:yum
talking on the phone:no not so much. i tend to just ramble on and on and the other person doesn't get to talk and then they hate me
Finish the Sentence..........
I went to the grocery store and bought...:chocolate. or hair dye. i think that's the only things i buy at grocery stores. otherwise i go to walmart or micheals
I can't see the...:light. we're lost and rambling. (a song)
Me llamo...:chica muy bonita.
The last concert I went to was...:winterfest.
I haven't seen my best friend since...:yesterday. but i talked to her like five minutes ago
I have a huge fasination with...:peanut butter, aliens, and law&order.
My passion is...:art, art, art, and more art.
I can't live without my...:pajamas to keep my warm and frost-bite free.
Okay, Last Question.
What is your main goal for the new year?:to figure out who i am, to learn to let go, and to love completely.
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