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Monday, February 12, 2007

i think i may have stolen this from jacki.....

.....but i didn't mean to. i promise.
i be a survey thingy addict.

Questions you've probably NEVER been asked!
Have you ever seen an alligator in person?:um.....actually i think i did in the San Diego zoo
Have you ever lent pantyhose to anyone?:gross as it may sound i have but i think it was for dance. because us dancers are always forgetting and borrowing that sort of thing. don't ya know
Who do you think is more attractive: your mom or your dad?:i really don't think about that. i look at them and think "if they would just listen to my advice about clothing, they would look oh so much better."
Does your doctor freak you out? current kidney doctor is fairly normal. i mean, normal for someone who chooses to spend everyday asking people about kidneys and bladders and urine.
What kind of gum do you absolutely hate?:any bubble-gum flavored. i only like cinnamon and sour apple gum. but the normal gum makes me naseous.
What does the inside of your shower look like?:um.....just sorta white and sometimes dirty if i forget to clean it
What kind of dictionary do you use?:uh.....the college yadda yadda one that's like all certified or something
What celebrity's hairstyle do you envy?:prolly any emo band frontmen's. because emo boys have amazing hair
Are you good at ping pong?:no. i hit the little plastice ball thingy way too hard and it becomes a lethal weapon.
Does it annoy you when people's eyebrows are a differentcolor than hair?:oh gosh yes. but my eyebrows are such a non-descript color they match whatever color my hair is. it's quite odd.
Has your grandma ever cussed in front of you before?:my great-grandma does, but then she has her priest drive her to the casinos and she rips off buffets by saying she should only pay 1/2 price cuz she doesn't eat a lot and fun stealthy business like that. she's such an interesting character.
What primary color is your Christmas tree?:green and fakey-like?
Have you dated someone with some serious halitosis?:no. i would seriously dump someone if they were stanky.
Do you like Jerry Springer?:no. i will stab him in the face with a pen
Which would u rather have as a brother: Beavis or Butthead?:well.....i already have Butthead for a brother.
What is the stupidest thing you've done to a friend's pet?:tried to tackle a cat once
What is the second letter of the name of your street?:*thinks really hard* i
Is there someone in your town that looks a lot like you?:yes. i actually have a creepy twin at school that i haven't actually seen but everyone else has and they go up to her thinking it's me. but it's not
What color do you think your heart really is?:a very depressing teal. or maybe black.
What does your umbrella look like?:i don't have an umbrella. i embrace the rain in all it's wetness. and i like being wet.
Does your cell phone die frequently?:no. not really. although it wouldn't suprise me if it did cuz i'm always bashing it accidently against stuff and never charging it.
What's the most important thing you've ever broke?:this plate my mom got from turkey from our turkish friends. my and my bro were fighting with lightsabers cuz we're hardcore like that. and the plate got in the way.
What is your favorite keychain?:it's this black and white spiky squishy little ball thing
Have u ever seen a snake in the road?:yes. and i ran over one too.
Is there a china cabinet in your house?:i think so. maybe. possibly. maybe i'm lying and there's not
Have you ever mentally pictured your teachers having sex?:oh gosh no. i think i would have to scrape my eyes out with a spork if i did that.
If you don't meet your soulmate while on earth, will u meet them in heaven?:well...hopefully i won't have to endure the pain and loneliness of never meeting them on earth, but if they are a christian then yes. i will see them in heaven.
Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby?:no. i feel that it would be a drab, boring event
What state has the most interesting shape?:cali. it's all jagged. and it's going to fall off anyways. any day now
Have u ever heard a wolf howl?:yes. and a mountain lion too that was in this field next to our house in cali and my dad thot a lady was dying so he got a baseball bat and went out there. but then he realized it was a mountain lion and he ran back inside really really fast cuz it woulda ripped him apart.
What's the best camera brand?: i don't know but i like the little disposable kind so i can take millions of pictures of everything
Have u jumped on a trampoline for more than 3 hours straight?:yes.
When in a race, do you usually win?:mostly. as long as it's short cuz i have no stamina and my asthma makes me wheeze and turn blue after long distances.
What color is the inside of your shower?'s white...what the heck. this is a repeat question. no fair that's cheating!
Do you get sleepy when you ride in the car?:yes. when i was a baby i was colicky and it was the only way my parents could get me to sleep. it also makes it dangerous for me to drive.
Is your ring size little or big? size 6 small? i really don't know. i don't have anything to compare it to.
Where do you go fishing at?:i live like a mile from the Rappahanock......but i don't really fish. i just splash around in the water and try and scare the fishys away so they don't get caught. and hurted. and my dad doesn't really take me fishing anymore.
Have u ever thought about joining a nunnery/monastary?:yes actually i have. me and jacki are planning on running away and joining a nunnery and being bad nuns who like to cause trouble. it seems right up our alley.
Do you think Bill Clinton's face will ever be on our money?:oh gosh i pray to God in heaven that it's not. he actually needs to just be put under. like a rabid animal or something. because he's just as bad and he's not good for America.
What about George W. Bush?:yeah! Dubya is a great person! i wouldn't mind if he was on our money.
Have u ever wanted to tap dance?:i have and i did. i used to take tap lessons but then i switched dance studios.
If you could change the color of hippopotamuses would you?:yes. no one loves hippopotamuses as they are now, but who couldn't love a gigantic TEAL blob? i actually want one so i could ride it around and sic it on annoying peoples.
When someone tells you to tell them when, do you actually say "when"?:no i say, " can stop"
Do you curse when you run a light?:no i smile and wave for the little camera thingy. or i laugh and say "you'll never catch me cuz i'm a sppeeeedddd demon."
How many cowboy hats do you own?:none. i outgrew my pink one. it doesn't fit any more. same with my matching pink with sparkly stars cowboy boots. *runs off to go buy a new cowboy outfit*
Are you scared when you walk with scissors?:no. actually i run with scissors. with the point up. what can i say? i like to live on the edge.
What does your best friend want to do when they grow up?:she wants to be a hippie pirate married to John Lenon and have summer homes in Mexico and all over. and she wants to be tan. and she wants to come visit me on my pirate whale saving houseboat and travel around with me. it will be a fun partay. and she really emphasized that we would be amazingly tan.
Have you been in a flood?:not that i can recall
Have u ever worn wooden shoes?:no. but i wanted to get a pair in Germany but....i didn't
How is your credit rating?:i don't have a credit card cuz i'm too little but i would think i would have a horrendous credit rating because i feel that i would say "oh that's sooo cute. i love it. i must buy it. oh wait i don't have any money. but that's ok. i have this little piece of magic plastic that came from the end of the rainbow. HOORAY!!!" and then i will have an amazing wardrobe. and lots of debt.
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