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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Life: The Movie....... told by jackizzle dizzle. keeper of all wisdom nuggets and storer of all knowledge and helper in cying-mascara-puddled-makeup-disaster time of need.

Rock it on Out: hmmm
Rock it on Out: i think in the movie version of your life..
Rock it on Out: you would be sitting at starbucks drinking a frappucino crying over your broken heart
Rock it on Out: when a hot guy that works there would walk up with a tissue
Rock it on Out: and wipe your tears away
Rock it on Out: and sit down next to you and hold you lovingly, not saying anything
Rock it on Out: becasue there would be nothing that needed to be said
Rock it on Out: and in that moment you would realize how little words actually mean
Rock it on Out: and you would turn to him, blinking away your tears
Rock it on Out: and not say a word, but your lips would meet in a soft and gentle kiss
Rock it on Out: *curtain*




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