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Saturday, February 03, 2007

oh goody a long surveying journey into my life

Long, Random, Interesting, Bored, Blah, Fun.
The Basics
Full name::rachel
Home town::well....i was born in bethesda but my heart belongs to monterey, cali.
Hair color::when i was born: blond. when i dyed it: dark brown
Eye color::blue-ish, green-ish, gray-ish. they change
Height::5' 6 or 7 i think
Contacts or glasses::emo glasses. just like everyone elses.
Piercings::twice in my ears. i pierced them myself the second time. and i want a nose stud.
Do you wear any rings? a wedding ring? no.
What shoes do you wear?:i don't understand what this question is asking. size 9 and i love ballet flats
Just Lately
How are you today?:not so great. life can be hard
What pants are you wearing?:tye-dye pajama bottoms
What shirt are you wearing?:dark purple with cherries all over.
What song are you listening to right now?:i'm so sick by flyleaf
What was the last thing you ate?:a biscuit and bacon and some eggs.
How is the weather right now?:sunshining and cold and wintery. blarg.
What time is it?:12:30 in the afternoon
More About You
What are the last four digits of your phone?:
If you were a crayon what color would you be?:glitter teal
Have you ever almost died?:yes
Do you like the person you got this survey from?:um......i didn't get it from anyone
What makes you happy?:art, boys, CHOCOLATE, my blog, shopping for clothes online even if i am poor and can't actually buy anything.
What's the best advice ever given to you?:"he's not worth your tears or your happiness. just kick him in the face and get your life back."
Ever done drugs?:no
What sport do you hate the most?:volleyball
What sport do you love the most?:dancing or swimming
How many TVs do you have in your house?:two
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?:yes
Have you ever broken a bone?:nope
Who do you tell your dreams to?:no one. i keep them hidden deep inside.
Your Friends
Who is the...
Loudest?:hmmm.....i'm usually the loudest of everyone
Weirdest?:jacki. in a good way. like me
Smartest?:jacki. a freakin 2080 somethin' on the SAT. *shudders at the thought of all the genius bottled up inside her*
Most energetic?:i guess, jacki
Least energetic?:emily. she's very tired a lot.
Preppiest?:hmmm....none of my friends are preppy. thank goodness.
One you can trust with anything?:rianna, tori, jacki, krista
Best friend?:jacki
Most likely to end up in jail?:*giggles madly* me, jacki,
Daredevil?:i'm typically the daredevil out of whichever group i'm in.
Would you die for your friends?:absolutely.
Do you have a crush on any of your friends?:uh...i guess you could call it that. i like a guy and we're friends.
You and Love
Do you believe in love?:heck yes.
Do you believe in love at first sight?:heck yes, however it's never happened to me.
Do you want to get married?:yes
What song do you want to be played at your wedding?:something hardcore and screamo to freak everyone out. that would be fun.
Long or short hair?:short
Curly or straight?:straight
Tall or short?:taller than me but not to tall. just tall enough i can wear heels with him. but short enough it's easy to hug him.
Good boy or bad boy?:well.......every girl, whether she'll admit it or not, secretly likes the bad boy.
Hat or no hat?:hat
Ears pierced or not?:um...i don't really care. if they're pierced, fine. if they're not, i won't notice.
Dimples?:oh gosh yes. really really cute ones
Studly or cutie?:cutie. the stud ones get cocky and full of themselves and you have to take them down a peg.
Smart or dumb?:not a genius but not a idiot either.
Boxers or briefs?:boxers
Funny or romantic?:is it possible to have both? i really hope it is.
Regular or thong undies?:
Painted nails or not?:
Dressy or casual?:
Curly or straight hair?:
Dark, light, or cool/crazy eyes?:
Hat or no hat?:
Hair up or down?:
Jewelery or not?:
Tall or short?:
Smart or dumb?:
Blonde or brunette?:
Pants or skirt?:
Funny or romantic?:
Lights on or off::on. i'm unbelievably scared of the dark.
McDonalds or Burger King::Subway
Do you wish on stars?:all the time
Which finger is your favorite?:my pinky. cuz it's so small and cute
What do you think of the person you took this from?:uh...i think you already asked this
Do you like your handwriting?:yes
What's your favorite lunch meat?:honey ham
Any bad habits?:i bite my fingers (not the nails. i know it's weird.), i flirt too much, i'm too loud, and i tend to dance awkwardly in public places.
Do you have any embarrasing CDs on your shelf?:yes. Hilary Duff
If you were another person would you be friends with yourself?:heck yes. i would be my best homie foshizzle. cuz i'm just so weird like that.
Are you a daredevil?:umm.....sometimes. depends on who i'm with.
Do looks matter?:yes
What do you miss the most right now?:i miss living on base at quantico with jacob and all the boys and emily, and all the missed oppurtunities in my life that i've wasted.
What are you thinking of right now?:a boy, getting my hair cut in two hours, and how disturbingly cold my hands are.
Do you think there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?:yes. and when i grow up i'm going to be a rainbow chaser in my VW van and i will find it and be rich.
Do fish have feelings?:most definately
How do you release anger?:i don't want to answer this. the people who matter know the answer to this already.
Where is your second home?:the mall
Do you trust others easily?:no
What was your favorite toy as a child?:my puffalump baby doll named melody. i still have her
What class in school do you use as "nap time"?:drama, occasionaly chemistry, and history if we're watching a movie.
Are you in love with someone?:yes
What's your favorite color(s)?:teal, the color of the ocean in monterey. where i left my heart.
What is your least favorite thing in the world?:killing whales, throwing up, dying inside because someone's being stupid, boring-ness, dirty-ness, stupid-ness, and un-creative-ness.
Ever been on TV or in the newspaper?:yes. in the newspaper like twice. i won a writing contest a long time ago and it got published. and some stupid article for my old school.
What do you do when you're sad or depressed?:i don't want to answer this.
Do you use sarcasm a lot?:sometimes.
What are your nicknames?:rachizzle, ra-ra-ra-rachel (sang to the tune of the song in the Chia Pet commercial), rach
Would you bungee jump?:i'm terrified of heights so unless there was a gigantor amount of money involved or the health of someone i love was at risk unless i did it, no.
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?:no. that takes too long.
What are you worried about right now?:life, stupid people, the haircut i'm about to get, again stupid persons because that's the biggest one.
Anything else you want to add?:um...yes. i am only as strong as the caffeine i drink, the hair gel i use and the friends i have.
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