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Friday, February 16, 2007

oh what the heck. i'll just take another survey.......

.....they're just sooooo much fun. i'm an addict.

If you had to pick...
If you had to pick 2 foods and one drink to live on what would they be?:cold alfredo pizza (me and Dane's favorite food. We discovered this one day in Drama class as we were contemplating suicide because of our stupid teacher), Bisquick pancakes with melted butter (no syrup. syrup makes me naseous) , and Dr. Pepper, the sweetest nectar of life.
If you could date one celebrity who would it be?:Channing Tatum, or Jude Law. Gods of sexiness.
If you were stranded on an island what 1 electronic would you bring?:my computer so i could keep my blog up to date. does that count or is it too big?
If you won $1 million in a lottery how would you spend it?:an oreo cheesecake, a trampoline, a blow-up swimming pool, two pet emo boys (one of them for Jacki), two pet skater boys (one for Asia), channing tatum, and two VW vans, one for me and one for jacki.
What are three things that you dislike the most in a person?:cockiness, smelling really bad, and playa-ness (flirting even though you have no interest in me at all)
If you could talk to one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and:Sid Viscious (is that how you spell his last name?)
What is the one thing that you couldn't live without?:my art notebooks. or Jacki. actually i change my answer to Jacki. A half of me would die without Jacki because she's my twin sister, my other half.
When they make the movie about your life what actor should portray you?:The chick from Law and Order: Criminal Intent. i don't know her name
If you were suddenly queen of the world what would be your first new rule?:i would proclaim that if you want to go to art school you can bypass high school because you don't need it, there's no point. and i would declare a national day of pirate-y (that one's for you Jacki).
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  • At Friday, February 16, 2007 9:47:00 PM , Blogger Jacki said...

    I know exactly what I want to say in this comment, but it's more of a sound effect than actual words, completely unrelated to the subject matter of your post, and I'm not sure how to translate it from my head to actual readable text.

    So I guess um...nevermind then. :)


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