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Saturday, February 03, 2007

questions that have been gnawing at my soul:

-How come, after you get blood drawn and they put the gauze-y thing on, they insist on putting that crappy tape stuff on it? It's worse to pull the tape off than to get the needle stuck in your arm. and if you say "no, it's ok. i'll just hold the gauze on." the nurse is all " NO!!!! it's essential that i wrap this crappy piece of tape around your arm."

-Is it possible to be Siamese half-sisters? i've asked this before but everyone says something different. i just want to know if it's medically possible.

-How do they make peanut butter? i've tried crushing peanuts up before and let me tell you, it doesn't work. it was like, crushed peanut dust, nothing smooth or creamy about it.

-What makes gay guys so much fun to hang out with? sorry if this offends anyone but really, gay guys are my favorite. no offense to anyone for my un-political-correctness.

ok i think that's it



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