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Friday, February 23, 2007

The story of the chihuahua......... told by me to jacki on AIM.

now i shall begin.

the chihuahua
you know? the rat that got out of place in line when adam was naming the animals? and mistakenly got put in the dog category? whilst sewer rats were supposed to be dogs but because the chihuahua cheated and cut, it now wreaks it's revenge for a meaningless life of underground existence on all prey that dares to venture under the city. occasionally a radical sewer rat comes along and holds a revival and leads some above ground where they are never seen again. there are rumors that say they successfully pulled off a raid, burrowing into Paris Hilton and Britney Spears's brains whilst they slept and then replacing their dogs as meaningless toys to show around.

but alas they are but rumors. however the leaders of the Republic For Those Unjustly Named Vermin (RFTUNV) claim the rebels were beheaded in an effort to check a massive rush for the light above. it would not do to let that many rats be seen above ground.

they have maintained a fairly decent way of life underground considering the dank, smelly, wetness. They prefer the life of hiding to the life of being an overweight accessory, stuffed in a tote bag with the lipstick and cell phone.

and now you know the real story behind the annoying rat dog and the mutant sewer rats. the rats aren't abnormal, mutant freaks. just midjudged.

the chihuahua's are the ones that you should be baiting the traps and setting out poison for. they are the true rats.



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