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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things i would buy if i won the lottery........

.......or a huge pile of money just fell in my lap.

*i would go to the mall and buy all the flamboyantly gaudy jewelry i can find at icings.

*an Auntie Anne's pretzel. well......i'd probably just buy my own auntie annes shop and attach it on to my bedroom. then when i wake up obscenely early every morning i wouldn't be so upset with life cuz i could wake up to the smell of pretzels.

*the shiny cigarette case for Jacki from icings even though she hasn't and never will smoke. because when she runs off into the sunset with somebody she feels a cigarette case would be a nice rebellious touch.

*the sailor doggy hat for Jacki's dog. because he (she? it?) might die without it.

*a pet emo boy to give me hair tips. because we all know emo boys have the best hair. no matter how hard we try and how much product we use, the emo boy can fix his ten times better in half the time.

*a trampoline. because i've always wanted one and......they're a fun time.

*an ice-maker from sonic (the fast food place). because their ice is all small and tubular and so much fun to eat. and crunch away on.

*another pirate costume for Jackie because for some reason it seems like i remember her saying she lost the eye patch from her old one. and what's a pirate without her eye-patch?

*a VW van. neon yellow.

*2349 and 1/2 cans of spray paint to decorate said neon yellow "sunshine-mobile"

*another VW van for Jacki (i don't know what color she would want. i guess it would be yellow too.) and a shag rug for it so she can call it her "shag-mobile"

*vanity license plates for the two mobiles. because i would love that ever so much.

*a neon pink dinosaur pool float. because i want one ever so much to put in my pool. and sit in. and get all shriveled up and pruney in because i would sit in it all day and never get out.

*a beret.

and i think that's it for this very moment.

well......maybe a pony ride.....and ice cream.......and my own personal peanut butter factory in my back yard.



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