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now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't really have anything witty or fun to say here.

So different
Who's your favorite teacher?:hmmm....well mr. g is....a g. and mrs. rachal is straight up hard core but i loved mrs. rebholz from last year. passed her class with a 96, hellz to the yeah.
Who's one person you'd walk 1000 miles to be with?:well....i think they want the answer of this question to be a boy. so i'm going to have to one.
Who is someone you can tell just about everything?:jacki marie peanut butter
Who are you in love with right now...or crushing over?:no one. yeah i know you all just gasped and nearly fell off your chairs....but seriously. boys=complications. me=decomplicating my life
Who was the last person you hugged?:antonio marie.
Who did you grab last? one? this doesn't sound right.
Who smells the best?:justin marie.
Who do you absolutely hate?:*cough* i can't say because i'll get jumped in a dark corner of my school.
Who knows something about you that no one else does?:jacki marie. actually my mom know everything too. and my dad. so i guess......i dunno.
What do you do when you're bored?:chew on my fingers, sleep, loaf around online, talk to jacki marie on IM
What time do you wake up in the morning?:5:00 on school days, 10:30 on weekends (or if i accidently forget to set my alarm)
What cereal boxes are in your cabinet or pantry?:Grape nuts, cheerios, honey bunches of oats, mighty bites
What color is your hair?:reddish brown
What were you doing on 9/11/2001?:at home watching the news and then running around outside freaking out with the rest of the kids about what was happening
What is your favorite song?:anything Flyleaf
What did you dream about last night?:nothing. actually i slept really really bad last night. and thus i'm really tired right now
What did you do in PE class today?:actually i'm in Behind the Wheel but i hear they played volleyball
How do you want to die?:quick, painless, when i'm ready to go
What was the last thing you said to your crush?:i don't have a crush
Have you ever worn a Santy Clause hat to school?:not that i'm aware of
What would you do if someone was hiding in your closet?:scream, faint, wake up, kick them really hard multiple times in sensitive areas, scream, run away, get a random blunt object, come back, try to kill the intruder
Where were you and what were you doing 2 hours ago?:i was on my bed doing Algebra homework and trying not to fall asleep
Dream car?:bright yellow VW van and a bright pink VW bug.
Would you rather fart from laughing or squirt milk from your nose?:squirt milk from my nose. i feel as if it would be slightly less embarrasing.
Have you walked in on someone sitting on the toilet?:no. i don't think so. i always knock.
What is your job? Or future job?:well.......i dream of being an artist but realistically i'll probably be doing something in biology
Ever had a crush on your own teacher?:no. but there's a guidance counselor at my school that's cute
Do you wish you were someone else? Who?:no, but i used to wish i was some kind of rich gorgeous performer person
What are you? *Italian? Scottish? Philipino? Indian? Irish? Cuban?*:Cajun French i guess. maybe some American Indian on my dad's side?
What did the Easter Bunny bring you last year? lol:CHOCOLATE! and gummy fruit snacks
Who's your best friend? Why?:jacki. she's a triple g and......i guess we just click. i never really thought about it. she understands me when no one else does.
Do you like jewelry?:heck yes. big, neon, gaudy, plastic-y jewelry from claires and icings.
Wedding in a church, on a beach, in a cemetary, or whatever else...??:church. cuz i'm a good christian girl
If you could live one movie from the past, what would it be?:Holiday Inn. because in the end, everyone gets a boy/girl. and it's just such a fun movie
How do you normally wear your hair?:either down with my bangs clipped back or in a ponytail with my bangs pulled up in a little poufy thing. does that make sense?
What's a normal outfit for you to wear?:jeans, tee, gaudy jewelry, chucks
What song{s} do you know all the lyrics to?:all Flyleaf, Pillar, Kutless, and Thousand Foot Krutch
Do you write notes to people?:mainly just to jacki because that's how we roll
Watch TV? What do you watch on tv?:HECK YES EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. House, Law and Order, Without a Trace, 1/2 Hour News Hour (makes fun of the news), seinfield, startrek, psych, The Office
What is your favorite pose for a picture?:tilt my head sort of down and grin.
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I am now adding marie to everyone's first name in case you haven't noticed. because Jacki marie has this theory that everyone's middle name is marie.

so i was on the bus and this guy was trying to guess this girl's middle name. she said it started with 'm'. so he goes through like 50 names and finally i get annoyed and i turn around and go "Marie. duh" and she was all "wow. you got it on the first try." and i smiled smugly to myself. and this proves jacki marie right.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Me gusta el video de musica de Anberlin.

Translation: I like the Anberlin music video.

Hooray! millions of years of Spanish are not wasted!


*sniffs as tears roll down* that ending is so sad!


ooooo....another fun shtory.

Today i went to the doctor's office and the doctor pulled my mom aside and was all, "Is your daughter anorexic or bulimic? because she's so tiny and small and skinny but her head is soooo big."

oh good gosh i laughed myself hoarse when i found out because:
a)me? skinny?
b)i knew my head was disproportionately large but i didn't realize it was that noticeable.
and c)then my mom had to explain that no, i actually eat more than i should and that big heads just run in the family.

*sighs and holds her sides*

i told jacki and she turned red from laughing so hard.

this made my week.


This is pure wisdom....

.....from Tori for me.


i was talking to Tori on the phone all last night while i made cookies.
and she was really really annoyed and frustrated because i can never remember to call her.
so she says,
"Write it on your forhead and then everytime someone laughs at you, you'll remember."

I find this thought amazingly hilarious. Thank you Tori.
This made my day.

And yes, I'll call.


Monday, March 05, 2007

The Meaning of Life..........

......#3,486 and 3,487......ok ok so i have a lot to live for.

sundresses and cute shoes.

i really don't think i need to elaborate on this. it pretty much speaks for itself.

i wonder if there's a warm-weather dance. you know, like a snow dance or a rain dance? maybe i'll google that and bring warm weather.

because i'm pretty much dying of hypothermia. and not being able to wear cute clothes.


Sunday, March 04, 2007


i'm tired and ready to go to bed. but i was drawn, once again, into the addictive, ensnaring power of "THE ALMIGHTY ALL-POWERFUL SURVEY........THING" *said in big dramatically booming voice*

You Are a Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.
Connected to all things spiritual, you are very connected to your soul.
You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.
Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.

You have great vision and can be very insightful.
In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.
Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.
You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul


Friday, March 02, 2007

oh joy of joys i have completed the survey....

and my back hurts from sitting hunched at my computer for a long time.
i think i'm going to go watch pysch now.

Teens: Need to think plus fun! long but interesting and DIFFERENT
Do boys or girls have life easier & why?:girls. we aren't expected to be all buff and macho. we don't have to prove anything. and also we're not always thinking about.....well.....that.
If your best friends would be 100% honest, would you really like that?:yes i would. because they already are. i hope. maybe. actually they might just be good at lying.
Strict teacher who taught a lot or a fun who didn't?:a fun one who didn't.
If you could travel into past, where would you go?:hmm.....back to when i lived in cali and life was good and i was happy and....i heart california. i miss it.
Can you be trusted with secrets?:yes. unless it's juicy and i don't like you. then somehow, everyone will find out.
What moment from ur past would u capture on video?:anytime in california.
The person u dislike most: name something good about them.:um.....something good........well......they are free enough to go without deodarant even though they obviously don't have a sense of smell. but i do. it's called a BO and it's STANKY!!!
If you could be invisible, what's the first thing you'd do?:hmm.....find out lots of fun secrets and spread them all around or maybe freak people out and drive them insane.
Did you ever get in a mess for telling a lie?:yes.
Pill to make you braver or one to make u smarter?:smarter. because i can always run away but it's not every day i can pass a test. besides since when do girls need to be brave?
Would you rather more love or presents from ur parents?:presents. they love me enough already. i don't know if it's possible to get more love than they are already giving me.
Would you take offer to kiss a crush for $250 in front of ur class?:heck yes. seriously, that's like *think really hard* 70 pairs of pairs of pants. but it would just be a little peck. nothing gross or vulgar.
Did you ever mess up a relationship?:yes
If u could choose one perfect talent, what would it be?:being good at drawing and art.
Uniform or choose ur own clothes in school?:whoever wrote this needs to be shot. i had to wear a uniform once. bad, very bad times. who would in their right mind pick a uniform over freedom of dress?
Are you in a hurry to grow up?:yes. i don't like high school.
If you had to change lives with a friend for a day, who'd u pick?:jacki. obvi
What is one thing you'd change about ur parents?:their clothes. makeover baby. however i must admit, my mom is doing better. Her wardrobe is getting progressively there. it still needs some overhauling but we're taking baby steps. slowly but surely.
Math or English?:uh...i guess english. because my teacher used to teach in a jail and she's real cool and down wit dat, yo.
Science or History?:science. i loathe history X infinity. let the past stay in the past.
Gym or Health?:Health. because you don't get sweaty and you don't have to wear the horrid PE uniforms and you can sleep and catch up on other homework. good times, yo.
Bring or buy lunch?:both. i buy three days, pack two. saves money don't cha know.
Bus or drive to school?:bus. but hopefully next year i'll have a car and i'll drive like all the other cool kids
Ever been heartbroken?:yes. oh heck yes. many times
If so, r u healed?:not completely. and i don't know if i will ever completely heal. sometimes you just have to move on and cope with the wounds.
What is the best quality u got from ur dad? my ability to get distracted all the time? bouncing from one project to the next without ever completing anything? just messing with you, dad. actually my math and science abilities i guess. my calculating mind?
Best quality u got from your mom?:crafty, art-y-ness,
Worst from dad?:my big feet and nose
Worst from mom?:my big head
Who are you closer to: mom or dad?:hmmm...i guess my mom cuz she's a female and a little more understanding with certain feminine problems.
Does your family approve of your bf/gf?:i don't have a bf. but they approved of my last one. they were upset when i broke up with him. they wanted us to get back together.
Would you pick your siblings as friends?:hmm....only my littlest sister. because she's exactly like me. but the other two are like my polar opposites.
What are three most important qualities in a friend?: loyalty, they have to be odd and quirky, and understanding.
What is ur best summer memory of 2006?: Paris, germany, and all the foreign food. yummy-ness
Are your grades as good as they should be?: absolutely not. they are horrible.
What are you most proud of having done?: getting into NHS, my art journal, my violin talent, the clothes i've made
Last time you told your parents you loved them?: not recently enough. hmm.......maybe yesterday morning before i got on the bus?
Last time they told you?: this morning
Would u eat a spider to meet ur favorite celebrity?: no. unless it was channing tatum. he's really really hot
If u found a purse with lots of money, what would u do?: give it to the authorities. it would be hard but that's the right thing to do.
When is last time u laughed at urself for doing something silly?: when i posted that story right before taking this survey
If you could change one thing about your looks, what would it be?: smaller feet, skinnier legs, smaller waist/hips
One thing about your personality? this one thing i'd change? or one thing i like? i wouldn't change a thing. i like my personality. at least right at this moment i do
Would u choose to be the most attractive, the smartest, or most athletic?: most attractive obviously. what's the use of being athletic or smart if you look like a cow's bottom?
What do your friends like most about you?: i really have no idea. my dashing good looks? my fascinating stories? no really i don't know
If it could be that someone adored u, who would u pick?: hmm.....the guy at my school that looks like sid vicious and is really really hot
What's the best trick u played on someone?: i don't know. i don't remember. i'm usually the one getting tricked.
Best birthday you ever had?: the one where i went shopping ALL day with sarah and i laughed really hard and i spent like $75 and i got lots of fun clothes.
In opposite sex, PREFER blonde or brunette?: actually i prefer black or dark brown
PREFER light or dark eyes?: light. like blue or green
PREFER long or short hair?: short
Would you accept braces?: only the invisible ones. i get them this spring for like 2 months to straighten the damage from my wisdom teeth
Would you accept glasses?: already have. settled with the emo glasses everyone has.
Would you date outside your race?: yes. i don't discriminate
Would you date someone taller?: well obviously but not too much taller because i like someone that's easy to hug
Someone shorter?: no
Someone overweight?: not really. that's sorta a tricky one. how overweight? like obese? or just a little tubby? cuz tubby i can handle. not obese though.
Someone underweight?: yeah sure. skinny's good
Would you date someone who wanted to wait a long time for sxx?:yes. i'm going to wait.
Believe in love at first sight?: every moment of every day. but i haven't seen him yet
What grade are you going into?: 12
Is your bf/gf in same school?: don't have one.
# 1 quality (besides looks) in a bf/gf is....: understands me and my weirdness and likes the same music as me, also he must have good character. no bad things please. that's not good.
Do you get lots of offers to hook up?: not really ever i guess
How often do you do it?: not really ever.
How old were you with first love?: 16
Do you miss that person or still with them?: no to both of those
What do you think is the hardest thing about growing up?: mistakes
Best thing to do when you feel sad?: eat, cry, watch L&O, art
Anything that scares u even though u know there's no reason to be afraid?:the dark terrifies me. the monster under my bed and the one in my closet.
Ever blamed for something you didn't do?:no not really. usually it's my fault
What was your biggest failure?: piano and violin
Would you rather repeat a grade in school OR gain 40 lbs?: oh gosh that's horrible. neither. i'd rather not choose.
What do you dislike most about yourself?: right now nothing because i'm happy but usually my singleness or my looks
Best thing about school?:friends, socializing
Worst thing about school?:work, teachers, tiredness
If you got too much change in a store, would you tell them?:yes. it would be wrong not to
What really gets on your nerves?: bad smells, little annoying boys at school. gah freshmen. oh so pesky
What's most important lesson you have learned?: lol don't use an ice pick to de-ice anything. chivalry is dead. don't look for love, it's useless. it'll find you. one day
If u could read ONE person's mind, who would u pick?:my little little sister. the youngest one
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Life Lesson #1,397

today my dad is sitting at dinner and he turns to me and says, "There are dimples in the hood of my car. could they possibly be from you using a PICKAX to de-ice my windshield?"

But then my mom says, "Maybe it just hailed. really abnormally large hailstones."

then daddy replys, "hailstones don't SCRAPE THE PAINT OFF!!!!"

in my own defense it was, in fact, really really thick ice and the little plastic scraper thing wasn't working.

my dad said as a general rule that i was never allowed to use metal objects on or around his car.

He said i should have used a hair-dryer. with a really long extension cord.

and they wonder at my odd eccentricities. yeah, i wonder.

he wasn't pleased.
but seeing as i've done much more stupid things....
i didn't really get in trouble.