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Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't really have anything witty or fun to say here.

So different
Who's your favorite teacher?:hmmm....well mr. g is....a g. and mrs. rachal is straight up hard core but i loved mrs. rebholz from last year. passed her class with a 96, hellz to the yeah.
Who's one person you'd walk 1000 miles to be with?:well....i think they want the answer of this question to be a boy. so i'm going to have to one.
Who is someone you can tell just about everything?:jacki marie peanut butter
Who are you in love with right now...or crushing over?:no one. yeah i know you all just gasped and nearly fell off your chairs....but seriously. boys=complications. me=decomplicating my life
Who was the last person you hugged?:antonio marie.
Who did you grab last? one? this doesn't sound right.
Who smells the best?:justin marie.
Who do you absolutely hate?:*cough* i can't say because i'll get jumped in a dark corner of my school.
Who knows something about you that no one else does?:jacki marie. actually my mom know everything too. and my dad. so i guess......i dunno.
What do you do when you're bored?:chew on my fingers, sleep, loaf around online, talk to jacki marie on IM
What time do you wake up in the morning?:5:00 on school days, 10:30 on weekends (or if i accidently forget to set my alarm)
What cereal boxes are in your cabinet or pantry?:Grape nuts, cheerios, honey bunches of oats, mighty bites
What color is your hair?:reddish brown
What were you doing on 9/11/2001?:at home watching the news and then running around outside freaking out with the rest of the kids about what was happening
What is your favorite song?:anything Flyleaf
What did you dream about last night?:nothing. actually i slept really really bad last night. and thus i'm really tired right now
What did you do in PE class today?:actually i'm in Behind the Wheel but i hear they played volleyball
How do you want to die?:quick, painless, when i'm ready to go
What was the last thing you said to your crush?:i don't have a crush
Have you ever worn a Santy Clause hat to school?:not that i'm aware of
What would you do if someone was hiding in your closet?:scream, faint, wake up, kick them really hard multiple times in sensitive areas, scream, run away, get a random blunt object, come back, try to kill the intruder
Where were you and what were you doing 2 hours ago?:i was on my bed doing Algebra homework and trying not to fall asleep
Dream car?:bright yellow VW van and a bright pink VW bug.
Would you rather fart from laughing or squirt milk from your nose?:squirt milk from my nose. i feel as if it would be slightly less embarrasing.
Have you walked in on someone sitting on the toilet?:no. i don't think so. i always knock.
What is your job? Or future job?:well.......i dream of being an artist but realistically i'll probably be doing something in biology
Ever had a crush on your own teacher?:no. but there's a guidance counselor at my school that's cute
Do you wish you were someone else? Who?:no, but i used to wish i was some kind of rich gorgeous performer person
What are you? *Italian? Scottish? Philipino? Indian? Irish? Cuban?*:Cajun French i guess. maybe some American Indian on my dad's side?
What did the Easter Bunny bring you last year? lol:CHOCOLATE! and gummy fruit snacks
Who's your best friend? Why?:jacki. she's a triple g and......i guess we just click. i never really thought about it. she understands me when no one else does.
Do you like jewelry?:heck yes. big, neon, gaudy, plastic-y jewelry from claires and icings.
Wedding in a church, on a beach, in a cemetary, or whatever else...??:church. cuz i'm a good christian girl
If you could live one movie from the past, what would it be?:Holiday Inn. because in the end, everyone gets a boy/girl. and it's just such a fun movie
How do you normally wear your hair?:either down with my bangs clipped back or in a ponytail with my bangs pulled up in a little poufy thing. does that make sense?
What's a normal outfit for you to wear?:jeans, tee, gaudy jewelry, chucks
What song{s} do you know all the lyrics to?:all Flyleaf, Pillar, Kutless, and Thousand Foot Krutch
Do you write notes to people?:mainly just to jacki because that's how we roll
Watch TV? What do you watch on tv?:HECK YES EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. House, Law and Order, Without a Trace, 1/2 Hour News Hour (makes fun of the news), seinfield, startrek, psych, The Office
What is your favorite pose for a picture?:tilt my head sort of down and grin.
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I am now adding marie to everyone's first name in case you haven't noticed. because Jacki marie has this theory that everyone's middle name is marie.

so i was on the bus and this guy was trying to guess this girl's middle name. she said it started with 'm'. so he goes through like 50 names and finally i get annoyed and i turn around and go "Marie. duh" and she was all "wow. you got it on the first try." and i smiled smugly to myself. and this proves jacki marie right.



  • At Monday, March 19, 2007 7:26:00 PM , Blogger Jacki said...

    Oooh ooh I have thingas to saya!
    a) Oh my God, my mum said me and my sisters didn't get easter baskets anymore because we're too old. And I was like "what the helen keller? My childhood is being cut short." and I died inside a little.

    b)One time, I laughed so hard orange juice came out my nose, and it hurt SOOO bad. It had that listerine burn to it. I'm pretty sure orange juice and straight-up alcohol are closely related.

    c) Everyone's middle name is marie, I swear it. Even my sisters dog. "Prince Turd-Ferguson Marie." That's his name. Swear it.

    Ok, longest comment EVAH. I shall see-a you tomorrow-a when I get to geek out with the excuse that it's for spanish! Yay for sweatervests and glasses!


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