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Friday, March 02, 2007

Life Lesson #1,397

today my dad is sitting at dinner and he turns to me and says, "There are dimples in the hood of my car. could they possibly be from you using a PICKAX to de-ice my windshield?"

But then my mom says, "Maybe it just hailed. really abnormally large hailstones."

then daddy replys, "hailstones don't SCRAPE THE PAINT OFF!!!!"

in my own defense it was, in fact, really really thick ice and the little plastic scraper thing wasn't working.

my dad said as a general rule that i was never allowed to use metal objects on or around his car.

He said i should have used a hair-dryer. with a really long extension cord.

and they wonder at my odd eccentricities. yeah, i wonder.

he wasn't pleased.
but seeing as i've done much more stupid things....
i didn't really get in trouble.



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