For those days when you want to feel like a mental patient from the 80's

now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

aha i have found a picture of said future husband.
let me tell you....he's a lot better looking than from his Even Steven's days.
but i'm not even gonna lie....

i heart that show.

oh and here Jacki......this is for you. add onto.....

.....Jacki's List of Ways Not To Die In A Horror Movie: (see: Jacki's blog)

-If you suddenly look up when driving in a parking lot and the killer is standing in front of your car, don't stop and stare at him. Do yourself a favor and run him over. This will help prevent the chase scenes with garden tools later in the movie.

-If you do stop because you are an idiot and said killer gets into your car and pulls your keys out of the ignition, GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!! Don't sit there and stare at him. HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU!!!! RUN!!!

*ahem* there you goes.


*looks behind her* i went and saw Disturbia last night with Jacki Mc-Jacki-son
and it was pretty much amazing

i feel as if maybe i should marry Shia.
because he's amazing and the asian guy is already claimed.
by Jacki


*screams really loudly*
oh sorry.

false alarm.

just my mom

and afterwards, i came home and creeped around my house, kept watch, made sure all the doors/windows stayed locked, and kept a pair of scissors with me all night because come to think about it, one of my neighbors has major killer potential.
-lots of sharp garden tools
-a creepy way of showing up. one day i was shoveling snow and i turn around and he's sitting there in a tractor. apparently he wanted to help. but still.....mega uber creepy.
-he's pretty anti-social
-he HAD a wife but i haven't seen her in a very long time

*screams again*
oh....just the phone ringing.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jacki's Word Of The Day:

....because it's just so much fun and exciting.

however, right now everything is super exciting so..........yeah.


smotate/smotillate: (verb)
To strike down, metaphoriaclly, with spite and irony.
see also: smotation/smotilliation (noun)

*chuckles* gosh Jacki.

you're such a funny, clever one.

*gurgles happily*
okay so this one is an inside joke i don't feel like explaining because a) it's weird
and b) you don't need to know


Sunday, April 22, 2007

OMG i am so excited......

HEY GUESS WHAT I TOOK OUT THE LINKS!!!!!! so if you want to see the pics (which i don't know why you would want to do that) i guess you can leave a comment to me and i'll.........uh......i don't know what i'll do but i'll figure it out

........i have been very hyperactive and focused. like.....more than normal. and i got lots of crafty arty fun things done at, like, 1:30 in the morning. i work best in the middle of the night. crafty pictures because i got camera happy.
(actually it is now links because photobucket has been freaking gay today and i am oh so frustarated.)

this leg warmers, arm warmers, and a hat i made out of an old sweater. because i am oh so not a sweater person. tanks and ties and shorts for me, yo.

and my fun face

and this is the tube top i made out of a t-shirt and some material and i got so excited when it was done and i hadn't screwed it up like all the rest of my projects.
and a detail of my favorite material in the world. these are actually scraps from a sundress that i'm in the process of making......and i HEART it with the pointy part of my heart.

so this has got to be my most favorite necklace in the world. Can i get a whoop whoop for Invader Zim?
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Hooray for a picture that actually worked!!!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ahem.......a list..

.....Of Songs that make me want to leap up and start a spontaneous dance partay with Jacki:

Chelsea by Stefy. Jacki got me addicted.

Better Than Me by Hinder. it makes me get my cell phone out and wave it around in the air. (does that make sense? is that weird?)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. i just think it's just a fun song.

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. Again, fun.

are these songs one normally dances too?
because i find myself dancing quite alot.


*ponders the awkwardness that she is*


Saturday, April 14, 2007


this made my day.........i laughed for quite a long while.

Your Preppy Name Is...

Vanleer Farnsworth Gorham the Second
But most people know you as Babs




i can't think of too much to write here

i sort of have a writer's block except with my whole life
it's, like,

i've just been too lazy/lethargic/unmotivated to do a thing

*groans guiltily about wasting all that precious time playing Zelda and playing on the computer and just laying around doing nothing and saying "i should do this" but not actually getting up and doing it*


i'm think i'm going to go scour the internet in a quest for a decent badge-a-mint.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

and if anyone cares......

.....Rachizzle Dizzle White Bread proudly recieved a 1800!!! on the SAT!!!

however.....she is planning on taking it again and getting a higher score on the math portion.

blarg for numbers




and i, for some reason, have not had the energy to post recently. shall post

and i will try not to let my blog fall into such a state of disrepair again.

so without further ado:

A Post-y Post Post-age:

By Me:

Rachel's Fun Word that she found a while back while trudging down the dismal road of SAT prep. It lay there glittering in all it's curious glory just awaiting her use of it.

known or understood by very few; mysterious;secret;obscure;esoteric

I feel as if this accurately captures the essence of who i be.