For those days when you want to feel like a mental patient from the 80's

now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Saturday, April 28, 2007 add onto.....

.....Jacki's List of Ways Not To Die In A Horror Movie: (see: Jacki's blog)

-If you suddenly look up when driving in a parking lot and the killer is standing in front of your car, don't stop and stare at him. Do yourself a favor and run him over. This will help prevent the chase scenes with garden tools later in the movie.

-If you do stop because you are an idiot and said killer gets into your car and pulls your keys out of the ignition, GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!! Don't sit there and stare at him. HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU!!!! RUN!!!

*ahem* there you goes.



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