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now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

aha i have found a picture of said future husband.
let me tell you....he's a lot better looking than from his Even Steven's days.
but i'm not even gonna lie....

i heart that show.

oh and here Jacki......this is for you.


  • At Sunday, April 29, 2007 5:48:00 PM , Blogger Jacki said...

    *drools massively* I love asians with hair that goes in funny directions. My old obsession was Ryan from that show, "So you think you can dance" but I lost track of him. And i can't have boyfriends that i can't myspace stalk. (mystalk?)

    Hahah in other news, the "word verification" code for this comment is scajeww. which makes me think of sacajawea.

  • At Monday, April 30, 2007 7:51:00 AM , Blogger rachizzle dizzle white bread said...

    somehow, scajeww makes me feel.....scary
    he's scary and he's a jew!
    just kidding.
    austin if you ever read this,
    i heart you!

  • At Tuesday, May 08, 2007 6:33:00 PM , Blogger Jacki said...

    You, lil' missy, are slacking off on the bloggage. Not that I really mind, since I use your blog to get to mine and every time I do I see Shia's glahrious face smiling at me. Which a girl could really get used to, you know...


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