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Saturday, June 23, 2007

oh gosh i laughed so hard......

........i almost peed myself

Karen Quigley, from Seweel, New Jersey poses Elwood after he was crowned the 2007 World's Ugliest Dog on Friday in Petaluma, Calif.

oh gosh...............
i love how his tongue is just hanging out of his mouth like twelve inches.

hey go google this. there was a hysterical video that went with this.

oh and who in the heck came up with an Ugliest Dog competition?
do they have one for humans?
can i enter my brother?
or that girl at school with no hair?
is that politically incorrect?


on the bright side.......


i forgot.

i'm off to watch about fifty million Law and Orders
and plot my escape-age from pay-age of the parents-age
so i can get my chucks before vacation.

i need some shorts too.



.........yeah. summer.
woo hoo.

except i got a job
and i hate working
so......yeah.....that's pretty blarg

and i'll have to use my pay for the next couple weeks to pay back my parents

because guess what i did!!!

I ran into a tree.
smashed the right light of my car, ripped the mirror completely off, smashed in one place on the side, and got a huge gouge all the way up the side.

not cool

i do not want to give up any of my money because i'm saving up for the prettyful
all-black chucks at hot topic that are $37.

because i'm poor.

an articulate arg of frustration at how this happened to me.