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Sunday, July 08, 2007

so.....for some reason my computer didn't want me to post a title but i prevailed and now i hereby christen this 9 random things


1. i gots my hair cut short. real short.
it's cute

2. my brother broke my mp3 player, he refuses to pay for it, my parents won't make him, and i don't have any money to spare for a new one. arg.
i wanted to punch him.

3. i'm sort of frustrated at my lack of a nice tan. a month of summer and no decent tan. rawr.

4. boys suck. a lot.

5. i got new twist up crayons. they color so nicely in my strawberry shortcake coloring book.
hey, just cuz i'm almost an adult doesn't mean i have to act like one.

6. i'm going shopping on wedensday for some work clothes, chucks, and black eye shadow.

7. i just got back from vacation.

8. ......blarg. i'm just tired of everything. food, boys, shopping, everything.
vacation didn't help. it just made it worse.

9. hmmmm........i tend to be emo.......alot.

and that's all i've got.

p.s. jackizzle dizzle. i'm mad. you haven't exactly blogged in a long time.



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