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now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Friday, November 30, 2007

So I haven't posted in a while...

...because I've been too busy having fun
There was:

-random movie watching time with Sebi

-man hunt nights

-we are working on plans for a cross country road trip (i'm providing the VW van we will be living out of)

-some road trips up to Tysons to shoppy shop shopage (Adam got thoroughly frustrated with me and Sebo's shenanigans and horrible direction giving)

-Sebo, Rocky (Raquel, Sebo's sissy), and me ( did some Myspace stalking

-um...some Florida trips for Thanksgiving

and........I thinks that about sums up my living-ness lately.
I've basically been living at Sebo's (Sebastian)lately.
I don't know. That's kind of a new development.

And I leave you with this:


My new obsession: zombies.