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now the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.....

Saturday, December 29, 2007 i may have mentioned before.....i'm kinda obsessed with zombies

Zombie Survival Guide
This will quiz will help prepare you for when zombies attack.
Have you ever played any Resident Evil games? (Biohazard):no
If you answered no, you are already on thin ice.
Weapon of Choice::machete with a double edge for twice the slicin' dicin' action
You have two liquor bottles, a rag, and a lighter, what do you do::make a molotov torch thing.
Hunt alone, or assemble a team::assemble a team. more guns, more dead zombies
What is the closest thing to you, that doubles as a weapon::a stapler. which come to think of it would be pretty cool
Would you seek out the zombies, or let them come to you::running away has always worked for me before
Where would you hold up::under my air hockey table
If a friend/family member was to become a zombie, could you kill them::no but i could run away from them
What would you do if you were bitten/infected::i don't really know. i think i would just scream and run around and freak out
Transportation of choice::jeep with no top and outfitted with machine guns on the frame
Could you sacrafice yourself to save your group::i don't really like the word sacrifice
If the world had an outbreak, would you still follow the laws::pshaw no.
What's the best way to take out zombies::head shot or decapitate them and burn the two parts
What would you wear::well everyone always says the tighter the better so probably something sleek and chic
What gear would go with you::flashlights, guns, heaters, knives, guns, water, guns, my kitten, guns
Sneak around, or cut right though::i likes the sneaky way
Are you a guru of zombie films::i'm am in training
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